HipHop Gees First Edition

Choreographer: Amir Sabra

Composer: Rafeeq Hamwi 

Light Designer: Muath Juba'

Photographer: Regash

Dancers: Abdullah Damra, Hamza Damra, Ahmad Kollab, Ibrahim Feno, Maria Dally, Maali Maali, Ramz Siam, Rebecca Kaoud, 

Premired: Ramallah Conemporary Dance Festival - April 2016

This performance aims to highlight the issues surrounding the freedom of movement for Palestinians and the main obstacles they face in order exercise this freedom such as religion, tradition and most importantly the ongoing occupation.

We began by asking ourselves the question of what the Palestinian body tells us about its story and we formulated moves that are very grounded, similar to that of the traditional dance “Dabke”.  We considered whether we can make a dance phrase that is an expression of freedom through a dynamic gesture inspired by religion. We also considered whether males and the females could switch roles inside the relation between them and whether we could fully integrate hip-hop into the traditional dance.