A Bit About Us

Committed to the Arts

Stereo 48 is a Palestinian dance group founded by four break-dancers from the city of Nablus. Its members strive to strategically introduce contemporary dance to a rather conservative society by merging it with the traditional dance of Dabkeh. As the founders of this rising dance group continue to excel, they pave their way, not only to local, but also international theaters such as the Royal Flemish Theater in collaboration with the Belgian les ballets C de la B Company, and Yaa Samar! Dance Theater located in Brooklyn New York. Stereo 48 also collaborates with multiple international dance companies such as the NGC25 contemporary dance company located in Nantes France, the Constanza Macras / Dorkypark Dance Company in Germany, and the Siljeholm-Christophersen Contemporary Dance Directory in Norway. Through representing Palestine in multiple international forums, Stereo 48 spreads traditional Palestinian heritage, incorporating signature Dabkeh moves into their dance routines and offering Dabkeh classes to their international counterparts. In order to fulfil and serve their mission, Stereo 48 continually organizes local dance competitions encouraging the youth to take part in the inspiring hip-hop culture, conveying the message of the Palestinian people, and creating a stress-free, safe environment for the youth to express their feelings and dreams