HipHop Gees Second Edition

Choreographer: Amir Sabra

Composer: Rafeeq Hamwi 

Light Designer: Muath Juba'

Photographer: Regash

Dancers: Abdullah Damra, Hamza Damra, Ahmad Kollab, Ibrahim Feno, Maria Dally, Ramz Siam. 

Premiered: Ramallah Municipality Theater - November 2018

The Hip Hop Geez in its second version is a rewording of he first version but with a new dancing and movement languages, but stems from the same concept that we always work in our projects, the search for the possibilities of moving within narrow spaces, with Barriers and obstacles impede movement, 6 dancers from different geographical regions of Palestine, 4 males and 2 females chatting and looking for all possible ways of movement within this area, either with each other or against each other or solos, on the music of the rapper and composer Rafiq Hamwi.