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Spaces of Expression

Stereo 48 not only perceives dance as an expression of art, but rather a tool of freedom and existence. The group began dancing in a challenging environment subjugated by a harsh political reality which imposed various restrictions on its members. One of the most prominent of which are the restraints imposed on the freedom of movement. Through dance and the uplifting hip-hop culture, the group members found a tool enabling them to move freely, express themselves, their reality and tell their stories.
Through this culture and art, Stereo 48 has been successful in breaking out of the imposed confinement and reaching out to the world. They continuously share their experience through holding a number of outreach workshops targeting marginalized groups such as the children of refugee camps around Palestine and abroad. Through such workshops, Stereo 48 provides space for children to express themselves, witnesses the great impact this physical expression has on each child, how it builds character, and provides children with metaphorical tools of freedom.

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